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Monday 24 April 2017

Rare Typewriters For Sale

Offered for immediate sale. Need to urgently sell these 14 very rare typewriters.  Please make fair offers on any one or all to
Serious enquiries only. If you know typewriters you will know about the historical significance of these models and will also know what they are worth. Singapore OUT

Remington 2, first machine to have shift device. Oliver 5. Both in excellent working order.
First four-bank Bijou (Erika) portable and first model Remington portable. My two "go-to" machines.
 Two Standard Foldings.
 Two early Simplexes, first model and No 5.
Frolio 5 and Junior.
 NZTC Blick 7 and Blick 6.
Salem Hall (pointer arm missing) and Blick Featherweight.