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Friday 30 August 2013

Smallest Typewriter Collection

175 tiny typewriters. The owners of this little collection, Mr and Mrs Tynietype, are seen in the first image, sitting on their sofa with their Lab Nip. Mr Tynietype is holding the Blick 5 he calls Tuck.

Below, the world's smallest Blickensderfer 
(held by the world's smallest Blick owner).

The rest of the Tynietype family, the three Misses Tynietype, Grandma Tynietype and the Tynietype cat Nap.

Ernie Pyle Tynietype

Good Grief! Snoopy and His Typewriter

I've never made a secret of the appeal that Snoopy and his little blue (or sometimes red) portable typewriter have held for me for more than half a century now. See my post from 2½ years ago, "Happiness is a Warm Typewriter", here.
While Mark Twain might have been the world's most famous typist of the latter part of the 19th Century, and Ernest Hemingway the most famous of the first half of the 2oth Century, the honour definitely belonged to that other great American novelist, Snoopy, from the 1960s onwards.
Is there anyone who doesn't know the opening sentence of a Snoopy novel? How many writers have appeared with their typewriters on first-day covers? Not even Tennessee Williams has been captured this often at a typewriter. Below is but a part of my ever-growing Snoopy and his typewriter collection:
I even appeared on TV wearing a Snoopy and his typewriter tie: