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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Writers, Actors and Other Celebrities with their Typewriters

Aldous Huxley, Corona 3.
Inuit sisters Betty and Olga Call.
Eugene Debs, American union leader, dictating to his brother on an Oliver.
Joe Yule, Mickey Rooney's father.
Norman Corwin, writer, director, producer and lecturer, Corona flattop.
Galloping Ghost Red Grange.
Hô Chi Minh, Hermes Featherweight.
Journalist and writer Ezra Pound.
Budd Schulberg, screenwriter, television producer, novelist and sports writer, below in 1998 with Bing No 2
Gregory Peck playing Phil Green in Gentlemen's Agreement, 1947. 
Peck in The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit, 1956.
Writer Taylor Caldwell.
Actor Peter Lawford.
Comedian Jackie Gleason.
Gore Vidal, Olivetti Lettera 22.
Herbert Viktor, German director and screenwriter, 1959, ABC.
English novelist Jackie Collins, 1971, Olympia Splendid.
English writer, satirist and editor of Punch magazine, Alan Coren, 1977.
English novelist Kingsley Amis, 1985, Adler.
Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show.
American writer, Harlan Ellison,  1977, Olympia.
The San Francisco Chronicle's Morton Phillips, IBM.
Relationships expert Dr Joyce Brothers.
Australian foreign correspondent Errol Hodge.


Bill M said...

Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

Joshua Beta Cihuaoquichtzin said...

W o W
Nice & Neat. xD
The last guy on the last photo has an Olympia SG 3 like mine!!! :D

Taylor Harbin said...

Love the pictures of Peck and Ellison. Great shots of all, even though they were all most-likely staged.

Richard P said...

I love them all. More stuff for my page!