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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Famous Australian Singer's Corona Portable For Sale

$450 ono


Bill M said...

Wonderful typewriter Robert. Unfortunately I just moved to the Great North and bought a house. In the not too far future though I plan on filling it (or at least the big garage that came with the house) with more typewriters.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert, a fellow kiwi here living in Au. I recently purchased my first typewriter, a Lettera 22, however have a couple of issues with it, which I have no been able to solve online. I there anyway I could get some advice form yourself?

Robert Messenger said...

I can't help an "unknown" on an unrelated post. My email address in here. Use it.

Unknown said...

Hi Robert, not sure why I'm an unknown, as I am logged in.
I am having trouble finding your email address on the site, which is why i posted on an article, I am not used to the '' layout.