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Saturday 13 August 2022

When Jeff Missed Out To The Typewriter Guy

While I was cleaning up this Remington Noiseless portable for today’s typewriter presentation, I came across what I at first took to be a bit of foliage or piece of cloth buried inside the workings of the machine. Nothing unusual in that. I brushed it out and only some time later looked more closely at it - and realised it was a typed slip of paper. “Do you love me or Jeff” was the plaintive cry of the guy who once owned this lovely machine. “No” the future Mrs Typewriter Guy seems to have written on it in pencil. I’m taking it to mean she didn’t love Jeff, just the Typewriter Guy. Lovers of typewriters, after all, make the best lovers. What’s your interpretation?


Joe V said...

I’m thinking she loves Jeff, because the “no” is written over the “do you love me” part.

Ixzed23 said...

Neither him nor Jeff.

Dsniel B

Ted said...

Poor Typewriter Guy. ):

Lucy Johnston said...

Hi Robert!
I am not sure how to contact you directly. I'm so sorry to approach you this way.
I am an author in the UK, and am writing a book which concerns Imperial Typewriters.
I would really appreciate asking you for a little assistance in working out some of the details around the Imperial 80. And possibly also an early electric model.
Could I please email you? My email is
Thank you so much,

Jeff Record said...

As "a Jeff" in all of this,
And as one who careening for the fall,
And as one in search of Machu Picchu,
"A Jeff," well, he was unaware;
As you see, in the end,
"A Jeff" typed to say he had,
A love for neither, ever, or,
At all.

Awesome blog,sir.