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Saturday 11 February 2023

The Nizzoli Triumvirate and the Vision of Treasure in Raymond Chandler's Olivetti Studio 44 Typewriter


Bill M said...

Nice collection.
I've always wanted one of each, all in the same color. My 22 and 44 are taupe as I have yet to find a 32 in taupe. Mine's blue. Due to lack of space, and today's typewriter prices, I doubt I'll ever have a Lexicon.

Jacy said...

"He wrote letters to himself. He wrote and wrote and wrote. Drunk or sober he hit that typewriter. Some of it is wild, some of it is kind of funny, and some of it is sad. The guy had something on his mind. He wrote all around it but he never quite touched it." -Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

A typewriter featured pretty heavily in The Long Goodbye. Considering that some critics consider this his most personal novel, with the character in question⁠—Roger Wade⁠—being a stand in for Chandler himself. It makes me wonder if this was a personal reflection on his time spent at his typewriter. My favourite of his works, by far. The tone and mood is quite unlike anything else I've read.

I also used to have a Studio 44 which I had to replace the key tops and paint on as it had been damaged by acetone in the past. I always found the touch a little heavy, for my taste. said...

dude. raymond chandler's 44? that's like licking a beer bottle bukowski drained or wearing shakespeare's dentures.

it's not something one passes up in this life.

just my opinion. not everyone believes shakespeare had teeth.

iracema1 said...