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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Free Air Typewriter*

*All one has to do is post a video of air typing online and a free air typewriter will be on its way. See image of typewriter above. No shipping cost involved (the package is small and light). Failing that, air typewriters will be made available for sale on eBay.

angaroos invented air guitar more than five million years ago, in the Pliocene epoch. It’s so passé for them now they play air guitar in their sleep. For humans, kangaroo-aping air guitar competitions started in Sweden in the 1980s, leading to world championships with the ideology that “wars would end and all the bad things would go away if everyone just played air guitar”. The same applies to air typewriter.

ir typewriter was introduced sometime between March 25 and May 22, 1963, at the Paramount Studios at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, when Jerry Lewis was playing the part of Norman Phiffier in the movie Who’s Minding the Store?

Without a single thought for Jerry Lewis or air guitar, Richard Amery, Terry Cooksley and I left our typewriters behind yesterday and adjourned to The Mawson Club for a lunch break. The typewriter talk fest went on unabated, of course, and the next thing I realised Richard and I were demonstrating typing stories with our air typewriters. Terry captured it with an iPhone.


Bill M said...

The kangaroo does an air guitar quite good.
I forgot all about that old Jerry Lewis movie until you posted it.

underthepalms said...
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Mr.E said...
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Richard P said...

Just visualize me doing some air typing here in Cincinnati. Fun post!

Robert Messenger said...

Don't worry Richard, I already have ... and am hoping to see a video!

Danny Messenger said...

Can Danny Elly and I have an air typewriter too?! Funny post!

notagain said...

My air typewriter has a balky shift and loose margins. It's just too frustrating.