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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

To Dora, on Valentine's Day

Written by Sydney typewriter technician
Warren Ingrey

I had a typewriter to repair
which I bought the other day
An Olivetti Dora
From down Barcelona way

Now this little typewriter
Well, it was quite a wreck
With years of gathered dust and grime
She was showing much neglect

I stripped down all the outer plates
Platen feed rollers as well
And placed her in my wash-out tray
And scrubbed like bloody hell

And then I hung her out to dry
And left her in the sun
She looked just a new one
When the drying was all done

I put her back together
And made her look her best
And Dora, she was well behaved
She passed the typing test


Bill M said...

Love the poem.

Danny Messenger said...

Very funny! Plus love that you have finally taken a rainbow of typewriters photos! From Emily