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Monday, 28 February 2011

My Little Typewriter Book

I have published a typewriter book. And I'd really love you to buy it and read it and enjoy it, as so many other typewriter lovers already have.

It costs $20 Australia, plus $7.80 for postage anywhere in the world outside of Australia and $4.10 anywhere in Australia (costs including $1.30 for a padded envelope).

It can be bought internationally through eBay (listing #280637007438).

Or you can contact me directly at and pay through PayPal to that email address.

Richard Polt has given the book a wonderful endorsement on

I really recommend that you read this, and the comments that have been made on it.

My own "plug" with the listing says:

Forget expensive outdated reproductions! Avoid cheap imitations! THIS IS THE REAL THING! The best little book ever written about typewriters.
And it's been written THIS YEAR, by an AUSTRALIAN. How could anyone write a book about typewriters and make it fascinating?
Well, ROBERT MESSENGER, who owns the Australian Typewriter Museum in Canberra, has Australia's largest collection of portable typewriters, and who is a typewriter historian without peer, has done just that and more.
Did you see Robert Messenger on the ABC TV show The Collectors in November 2008? If you did, you will know he knows his stuff and has a wonderful collection of typewriters, old and new. And now he has turned that incredible knowledge about these beautiful machines into the most entertaining and readable little book ever published about typewriters.
Buy it now while the chance exists. These are already collector's items in themselves, are personally signed by the author, and they are a strictly limited edition.
100 glossy pages in A5 size, plus cover and perfect binding.
Richard Polt of The Classic Typewriter Page website says, "This really is one of the most fun and 
delightful books about typewriters out there."

A happy buyer wrote, "The book has been invaluable to me as far as information regarding the classic models ... enjoyable reading."


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