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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Here's Johnny's Olivetti Lettera 22 Portable Typewriter

Johnny Carson’s Olivetti Lettera 22 portable typewriter is on display in Chicago as part of the “Here’s Johnny! The Making of the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” exhibition. The portable has been loaned to the exhibition by Carson's long-time assistant Helen Sanders. It has those tell-tale stains on its tartan-lined taupe vinyl zipper case, all too common with the Lettera 22. This exhibition is one of two TV nostalgia shows at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications. The other is “Watching TV in the ’90s”. The Carson exhibition also includes rubber chicken props, Johnny's Rolodex, Carnac the Magnificent's turban and guest coffee mugs.
Here's a younger Johnny with an earlier typewriter - and owl.

1 comment:

Bill M said...

I remember his show and stunts quite well. No one has ever been able to surpass him even though David Letterman was also quite good.