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Sunday 12 February 2023

In The Name of the Father of the Typewriter


Ted said...

Chapter & Verse, AMEN! (:

Bill M said...

Well said, Robert.

Danno's CDP1802 project said...

Hi My name is Daniel Ross and came across your blog ( below ).

I was fascinated (exited) by the comparison of the photos regarding the Remington / Morse code table setups.
About 2 years ago, I started to "create" my Steampunked version typewriter / printer unit.

Wanted to rescue my Model 7, bring it back to life, and decided to turn it into a Teletype called " NVictria ".

If you google NVictria, and/ or Victorian Teletype, you'll find my project.

I also find typewriters fascinating, a long lost technology taken for granted.

Sorry if I'm not posting in the right place, the last posting on the above blog was Sept 30 2021, not sure if it was still current.

I realize that I ... Destroyed a vintage typewriter, It was destined for the scrap heap when I got it, Rusty, soot covered , beaten up, See my blog at

Glad I found your site, keep it up.

Daniel Ross

NĂ¡dia Gonzaga said...

I liked your article so much. Thank you very much.

Mary Lee said...

I need to have my typewriter repaired but don't have a phone number for you. It is a ALL typewriter and when I took it on the plane from Brisbane to Canberra, the luggage people threw it. It still types but the lines are all jammed up together - the line spacing needs repair.