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Wednesday 9 November 2011

Prettily Painted Portable Typewriters

Wondering where all the portable typewriters are going to off eBay?  Have a look at these at Kasbah Mod:
Frankly, I think Richard Polt and Alan Seaver do just as good a job. Here's one of Richard's latest efforts from many such projects:
 And Alan's Monarch:
And here's one of my own very early attempts:

Anyway, here's more from Kasbah Mod:
Here's another brightly painted typewriter I spotted on eBay a few weeks ago:


maschinengeschrieben said...

I wonder why this idea hasn't been invented in the Golden Age of typewriters. Today, there are thousands of possibilities of making your devices "unique", e.g. wallpapers, 'themes', cases etc.

Richard P said...

I'm all in favor of "hotrodding" or "modding" common typewriters. Some of their paint schemes don't turn me on, but I am drooling over the chrome-plated Smith-Corona, "The Ghost."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Richard ; )

- Chase from Kasbah Mod

ps. That horrific green-and-yellow John Deere branded typewriter is NOT from Kasbah Mod.

Duffy Moon said...

Agree with Richard. "The Ghost" is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

Rob Bowker said...

...thinks...wonder how much it would cost to get my stripped Underwod chromed? Half the work's done already...

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Rob. In Australia, somewhere between $350 and $400.
PS: I made it abudantly clear the John Deere was on eBay (not Kasbah Mod). I don't see the slightest bit of difference between the John Deere and Kasbah Mod typewriters - all fine paint jobs in my eyes.

Brian said...

I think folks in the olden days didn't think about modding their typers because they weren't collecting -- they were too busy getting work done on them! I know it never crossed my mind to diddle my big Royal Empress. I was too busy pounding out unproduced plays and unpublished stories (some did get produced and published much, much later).