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Friday, 26 June 2015

Typewriter Gems For Sale

Martin Howard, of Toronto, Canada, one of the world's leading typewriter collectors (Antique Typewriters), has some rare gems for sale on eBay (see typewritercollector):
Columbia 2, c1886
 Hammond 2, c1893
 Blickensderfer 7 with 14-inch carriage
 Helios, 1908
 Densmore 4
 Hammond Folding Multiplex, c1921
Standard Folding, c1910
Also, Hoby Van Deusen, of Connecticut, one of the world's leading collectors of typewriter ribbon tins and other typewriter-related ephemera, will be listing a large number of items on eBay later today (see nanvan1). Here are some of the Australian ribbon tins and packets:
One of the items to be listed, I believe, is an Oliver girl mirror


Dwayne F. said...

I've seen some of these auctions and watched them for fun. I suspect that any of them will be too rich for my blood!

Did you end up keeping a few machines when you trimmed down your collection?

Robert Messenger said...

Hi Dwayne. Yes, I'm keeping about 53, that's all.

Richard P said...

Nice eye candy!