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Monday, 27 January 2020

How to Fix a Manual Portable Typewriter (1972 Reader’s Digest Repair Manual)

(Published by The Reader's Digest Association Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia, 1972.)


Bill M said...

Very nice reference for basic parts identification and repairs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert, I'm endeavouring to make contact with someone who will show/teach/mentor me through the process of writing my books on my manual type writer. Am willing to pay a reasonable fee for tuition.
I would be most grateful for your direction. My email contact: hwardjuno@gmail is no longer!

And your posts on typewriters are food for the soul. Thank you.

TomR said...

Excellent post, thanks Robert. What a concept, everything (almost) you need to know to fix a typewriter, clearly written, all collected in one place. This probably covers 75% of the most common typewriter problems. Today, in the disambiguated internet age, I have to scavenger-hunt my way through cyberspace, following broken links and dropping into hidden dead-end rat holes in my quest for even a single piece of credible information. Ah, but the internet gives me back wonderful videos (thanks Duane, Joe, and others) to help ease the pain. So I guess the internet came along just in time to fill the gap left by all those closed typewriter repair shops and disappearing repairmen.