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Friday 24 April 2020

Tom Hanks Sends Eight-Year-Old Aussie Kid Called Corona a Corona Typewriter

Tom Hanks has sent an eight-year-old Australian boy called Corona a Corona portable typewriter. Corona DeVries had never seen a typewriter before, let alone one with the same name as his.
Corona, who lives in Helensvale on the northern Gold Coast in Queensland, wrote to Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson about having a difficult time with the name Corona - it had made him the target of bullies at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Corona wished the couple well.
Hanks and Wilson had spent some time in quarantine on the Gold Coast in March, recovering in the isolation ward at Gold Coast University Hospital from Coronavirus. Hanks was in Queensland working on an Elvis Presley biopic.
Hanks sent the Corona to Corona from Santa Monica in California, along with a typewritten note.


Bill M said...

A very special and great gift. Leave it to Mr. Hanks, great guy.

Johnpyyc said...

What a wonderful thing to do.


Richard P said...

Hanx is a gem.

Gary McGill said...

What a wonderful story brings tears to ones eyes there are stil some wonderful people in this world.Good on you Corona stay strong and you to Tom (Legend)