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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Progress on the fUnKoMaTiC Typewriter

Now that Canberra's winter weather is getting better, the FuNkOmAtIc Typewriter is starting to take shape (and colour!).
The Oh-So-Funky people who inspired this project have just managed to sell a "funky, atomic" late-model Hermes Baby for a staggering $224.60! After 49 bids! So the heat is on. (A non-Funky, non-Atomic but still very nice orange-red Royal, meanwhile, is languishing at $39.99 after just one bid).
I took Richard Polt's advice after the last update to download the 60s Pop font. It looks great; thanks for the thought, Richard!:
The top one is a label I printed myself on a Dymo machine, but I think I may be able to do better and get a thickish plastic one made - if the company can match the font.
Here is what the FuNkOmAtIc looked like a little while ago:
When I took it apart, I found buried in the works this bonus implement - a good omen?
Something used for writing before "funky" or "atomic" were ever thought of!
The sides and ribbon cover now look like this, waiting for a final gloss coat:
I've only just started on the bottom section, but this will give an idea of the colour:
If anyone wants to change this last (third) colour, quick, let me know! The fUnKoMaTiC will have a purple carry case matching the sides.
I am now starting to turn my mind to a description. I think we can have some fun with this:
DOES IT WORK?: Yes, you press down on one of the buttons with a letter or figure on it and, hey presto! It prints!
A thorough description of the keytops is essential, I think.
Many happy, funny, funky thoughts on this subject, please ...


Ken Coghlan III said...

This is so witty in a 'typewriter humor' sort of way...I absolutely love it. The description ideas are fantastic and, really, along the lines of what one gets with an average listing on eBay. This is my sort of humor, Robert, and I thank you for actually taking the time and effort to make it a reality. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

teeritz said...

I had the screen brightness set a little too high on my laptop, Robert. Added to the fact that I have a cold right now, these photos have managed to bring on a headache! That shade of purple is, my eyes!
Of course, somebody's gonna buy it in a heartbeat.

Dwayne F. said...

Don't forget to put the wrong weight in the shipping calculator so it looks like you are making money on the parcel post shipping.

I love the color combination! Maybe you should do one Etsy style description photo with it sitting out on a Starbucks' table next to an army surplus messenger bag and a Moleskin notebook. So fresh, funky and hipsterish!

Bill M said...

Great idea. I think more of us should try it. I looked at the atomic one; nothing special except for some greedy bidder wanting to waste all of their money.

I like this though, at least it is selling a real typewriter and not a scam like those who steal photos and relist a previously sold very rare typewriter.

Repainted typewriters do have a following from what I understand and done correctly are also pleasing to the eyes.

Richard P said...

This is so much fun! I love the Funkomatic label.

A.R.M.S. said...
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A.R.M.S. said...

AHHHH!!! You went with Kawasaki Green for the cover!!!! *Girly-squeals* My darling might end up bidding on it, were I to show it to him! The motorbikes we own are Kawasakis and we have an affinity for the brand. His is even that same color green (with a darker purple down below, all factory).

For the bottom I'd like to suggest Kawasaki Blue (a dark blue, similar to Corvette Blue, since it already has color similar to a Kawasaki Ninja) or electric blue instead of the pink, however. ;)

For the keys...If you didn't go with some symbols or pictures, I think either 1337 or a Deco-type font, to keep with the hipster theme. And it would be too awesome if you took a hipsterish photo of it, or maybe sitting in the grass under a tree or something. It'd be hilarious! (Maybe ironic, in a hipster way?)

This is too fun; you have me considering repainting the body of my little Royalite now! you trend-setter, you!