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Friday, 17 August 2012

Typewriter Booklet For Sale

Copies of the booklet published to coincide with the Typewriter Exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery (July 14-September 16) are now available for sale online.

Copies can be obtained by sending money to

The cost for non-Australian buyers is:
$26.00 (Australian dollars)

For Australian buyers:
$15.00 (Australian dollars)
(Cheques will be accepted from Australian buyers)


The cost covers:
Cost of book $10.00.
Cost of air mailing anywhere in the world $14.10, mailing anywhere in Australia $3.00.
Cost of package and PayPal fee $1.90.

What you get for your money:

A 123-page booklet
Glossy pages
Images and a brief description (history, designer etc) of the
101 Typewriters in the Exhibition
Foreword by Richard Polt
Introduction by myself

There are only about 40 copies left for sale - SO first in, first served!


Bill M said...

Looks like a terrific book. I will be going to PayPal and ordering one.

Ken Coghlan said...

Done and done.
Can't wait to read through this. Looks quite nice!

Thanks, Robert.

Mark said...

Sent you some money. Can you sign my copy perchance?

Ken Coghlan said...

Yes, what Mark said. Autographs, please! I can't believe I didn't think of that!

shordzi said...


Jasper Lindell said...

You're calling this a booklet? This is more than just that - I know from having read it a number of times that it is simply a fine volume!

schrijfmachine said...

Looks nice! Paid and done. Can you please sign it? Frank

Nat said...

*squeal* I'm def getting one!
Could you please sign mine too??
And I agree with Jasper, that's not a booklet! Ah ahahah :D

Raivo said...

And it's payed. I hope that I am not too late. This book looks very desirable!

Scott Kernaghan said...

OH! Damn! So little copies. I'd better get my butt down there really soon!

Ton S. (I dream lo-tech) said...

Just bought one, looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

I bought one, too, Robert. Do you have a confirmation system so I can stop worrying that PayPal might have screwed up or I was too late?
== Michael

ToriForte said...

Just snagged one for myself and Ted... I'm not quite awake yet today, email me if you didn't get all the info you need. :)

Mark said...

When we get them? Could it even be in my mailbox when I get home today?