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Tuesday 17 January 2017

The Typewriter as a Double Entendre: Smitten by Tubby's New Yöst

Tubby's Typewriter is a short silent film from 1916 directed by Frank Wilson, the second in the series of comic The Adventures of Tubby produced by Cecil M. Hepworth. Sadly the original print was burned by Hepworth in 1924, and the final scene is missing here. But one can easily imagine what happens when Mrs Tubby turns up at The Ship restaurant.
Australian actress Violet Hopson plays Tubby's jealous wife
Johnny Butt plays Tubby, smitten by a New Yöst typewriterHis young wife is played by Violet Hopson (1887-1973), born in Port Augusta, South Australia as Elma Kate Victoria "Kitty" Karkeek. A major star of the silent era, Violet started out as a child actress with the Pollard Opera Company in Australia and New Zealand in 1898 before going to Britain with her older sister, Ora Zoe Harris Karkeek, in 1900. Violet later became a pioneer in the British film industry when she set up her own production company.
Washington Post, 1920
My New Yöst


Nick Merritt said...

I didn't know Yost was spelled with an umlaut. Never seen that before. I also note that Miss Hopson is referred to in the brief newspaper article as an "American" actress, even though she was born in South Australia and went to England.

Richard P said...

Ah, the old "typewriter" pun—must have been a hoary one by then. Still fun! And it is pretty wonderful to be able to call up century-old films on a screen like this.

Bill M said...

That's a great old movie. Too bad the final scene is missing. Congratulations on your new Yost.