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Wednesday 10 June 2020

What Is It About Typewriters and Fish (and Boats)?


Richard P said...

There's a connection I had never pondered before.

The "once you've tried it" ad is a masterpiece of suggestiveness.

Bill M said...

Thanks for posting those fine advertisements. I like the less privacy than a goldfish, but conversely greater privacy than a computer on line.

Michelle said...

My son sailed last year in the infamously difficult Race to Alaska--Washington to Alaska via Bella Bella; 750 miles, manpower or sail only, no engines. One team last year rowed.

So the ad for the Corona 3 got my attention and took my breath away. Someone undertaking the same trip in a canoe with a Corona 3! "During this trip I was exposed to storms and wrote on my Corona under many extreme conditions. When near the Indian village of Bella Bella ... I had the misfortune to drop my Corona in seven feet of salt water ..."

Challenging enough the type on a Corona 3 without being in a storm in a canoe!