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Friday, 9 March 2012

Leave it to Remington: 1958 Typewriter TV Commercials

These two TV commercials for Remington Rand Quiet-Riter portable typewriters appeared during an episode of Leave it to Beaver in 1958. The first lasts 2min 9sec and the second 1min 1sec.:


Bill M said...

Very nice! I love those credit terms. Then for 1958 it was probably quite a bit. I have never seen or heard a commercial over a minute. (except for the paid half hours on cable to hawk junk) The prices seem about the same as the Hermes 3000 which was advertised as the worlds most expensive portable. Same for the features. I have several machines from before 1958 with fill keyboard, margins, tabs and whatever else Remington claims to be the only one to have. I guess in 1958 the economy was all local.

notagain said...

very amusing. I have an Office-Riter and always wondered about it.