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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Noiselessly Mesmerising: The Story of the Noiseless Typewriter - Part II

Golden Years: 1915-1920
The journey to sales success and financial security began to speed up for the Noiseless Typewriter Company with its third rebirth in 1915. The photo story above, from 1917, reflects a vigorous push into promotion and advertising which greatly boosted the fortunes of the Noiseless.
This 1915 Typewriter Topics item signalled the arrival of a "new improved model" of the Noiseless at a Business Show in New York City in the middle of that year.
By 1916 the Noiseless was yet again ready to take on the world's typewriter marketplaces. Heading the hefty marketing of the machine was Waterbury-born mechanical instructor Edward Jerome Sheehan (1882-1937). Sheehan had previously worked for the Union Typewriter Trust, Underwood and Royal:
Tomorrow: The Beginning of the End - 1921-24

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