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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Royal Portable Typewriters For Sale

These will NOT be listed on eBay. No PayPal, payment by bank deposit. (Steve K, you have a "free shot" at any of these, if you want one.)
$85. This one's going cheap because it needs some work on it. It types halfway across the platen width, then stops, and needs a gentle nudge to get it moving again. If you feel you can fix it, it's a bargain at this price.
$185. It's one OR the other, I won't sell both. Whoever wants to buy one, gets the pick of colour, red or green. I will withdraw the other from sale when one sells. They are in the same excellent condition and type very well.
$175. Crocodile-skin dark blue finish. Has dark blue case with "Royal" embossed on lid. In excellent condition and types very well.  
$125. Dark brown "woodgrain" finish. Spots on top of right side of ribbon spools cover. Otherwise good condition, types well.
SOLD - $125. Faint marks on paintwork and some evidence of paint chips. Otherwise good condition and types well.


Jake F. said...

Man, I wish that I did not live all the way in Arizona, US. That olive Model O is calling my name!

Tessa Burkitt said...

I am very interested in the last one! The light brown. How could we proceed?

Robert Messenger said...

Sorry Tessa, Steve K (also in Perth) has already asked for that one.

McTaggart said...

I like the one with the fault, does it still have its case?

Bill M said...

Wow! I wish I were in the big country down under! Shipping to the USA would be a true budget greaker.

Those are some fine looking machines Robert.

Bill M said...

oops. Breaker.
I was getting ready to leave for work and did not check my spelling. Now from a very short work day I head North for a few days.

Nadia said...

Hi Robert, I am interested in purchasing the green royal portable, but you will have to forgive me I can not find your contact details on this page.

Robert Messenger said...

Trust a Scotsman to spot a great bargain (or an Irishman!). Not sure if it has a case, probably has, but it's going to be picked on Sunday anyway.
Nadia - oztypewriter at hotmail dot com.

deering said...

Hi, Robert!

I _love_ Royals. Are the red/black, green/black, or dark blue still available? Thanks!