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Thursday, 14 August 2014

While I Was Sleeping

Dropped at my front door by Diane. Didn't need a thing done to it after 40 years of disuse under a vinyl cover - apart from a quick wipe with a dry rag. Not even a ribbon change. Working very well for a 1934 model. Diane and her husband feared that if I didn't give it a good home, they would soon see its keytops as jewellery at the Canberra Bus Depot markets. I've had a few Royal standards donated in the past couple of months, but what could I say? I'm glad I said "Yes. Please".
Piotr's Smith Premier Noiseless
From Peter's Keystone catalogue
These are just some of the faces I recognise from having been at Herman Price's gathering last October. A big thank you to Herman for his lovely "missing you" message from Milwaukee. I was deeply touched.
It's jumped up by 50,000 since July 18 and by 250,000 since March 25.


shordzi said...

Nicest graveyard shot I've ever seen!

Richard P said...

What a beauty that Royal is.

Nice things happen while you're asleep!

Wish you could have joined us at the Sholes monument.