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Monday, 9 February 2015

1902 Australian Manual for Remington Typewriters Models 5-9

This Australian Remington Typewriter Manual was produced in 1902 by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons of London for Stott and Hoare's Business College at the Martin Chambers at 26-28 Moore Street in Sydney. Stott and Hoare were at the time Australian agents for Remington typewriters, but lost the agency in 1906 to Chartres. Chartres took over this college but retained the business name Stott & Hoare. Japanese students, who arrived here by ship from Yokohama, were also taught typing at this college during Alexander Wilkie Nicol's management. Nicol (1872-1930) remained in charge after the Chartres takeover. The Stott family opened a Stott's New Business College in the Norwich Chambers on Hunter Street.

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Bill M said...

Very valuable post for researching the old Remington typewriters. Another of your posts to add to my long lists of bookmarks of you blog.
Great work Robert.