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Friday, 20 February 2015

Wedding Typewriter

I went to dinner at the home of my son Danny and daughter-in-law Emily this week and was delighted to see their "official" wedding photos are finally "out". Of course there were plenty of guests busily clicking away at the wedding at the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens last November, and at the reception at the Australian National University afterwards, and some great photos were taken. But I have to say the official photographer has done a fantastic job - including getting some excellent snaps of that all-important wedding typewriter!
This was by far and away the best wedding I have ever attended, and I've been to a few! The extent of Emily's flawless, meticulous organisation for her big day was absolutely extraordinary. She was obviously determined to make it an occasion that nobody would forget in a hurry, and she succeeded, handsomely. She hadn't overlooked a single thing, as far as I could tell. Both the wedding and the reception were breathtaking. Just as well I didn't forget to supply a typewriter. 
 Ian James gives the typewriter a workout.
I must also thank Marilyn James for her photos.
It was also fortunate I didn't forget to wear the Olympia typewriter tie
that Paul Robert had sent me 
 Parents of the bride and groom greeting guests
There were even typewriter-themed cupcakes
And typewriters for place cards

I wore my typewriter tie and Danny wore his Eastern Suburbs rugby socks!
Two good looking sons: Danny and his best man, Martin Messenger


shordzi said...

I would say, so father, so son! Happy marriage you two!

Spiderwebz said...

Looking good! I like the blue you're all wearing. Very stylish. And everyone looks superhappy! I hope it'll stay that way.

Richard P said...

Wonderful. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Your sons have Messenger eyes!

M. James said...

What a nice post by an obviously proud dad. And the photos were my pleasure. You can never have too many memories recorded of a special day. MJ