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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Can Google REALLY Be This Stupid?

On January 9 last I lost the plot and flew into a rage after finding some scumbag in India had plagiarised at least 500 of my blog posts. If I understood Scott Kernaghan correctly at the time, these illegally lifted posts are being used as some "click through" device to raise revenue for a thing called Harry Yadav. Richard Polt, as always, managed to calm me down and I complained to Google that day, even before Scott had sent instructions on how to do so.
OK, that was on January 9. Yesterday, more than a month later, I got this reply from "The Google Team" (Note the capital letters on The and Team - like the A-Team, except this lot are the S-Team):
Thanks for reaching out to us.
It is unclear to us what the specific copyrighted work or works are that you are asserting have been infringed. Could you please provide more detail by identifying the work or a representative list of works? It would be helpful if you could provide us with a link to the original source of the copyrighted work. Once we understand better what your contentions are, we'll be able to further investigate the issue and take the appropriate actions.
The Google Team

It is unclear to us what the specific copyrighted work or works are that you are asserting have been infringed!!!

What the ... !!! 500 blog posts and it's not clear to these idiots!
They don't understand my contentions???
What's there to get?

So what am I to do? Identify more than 500 individual blog posts? Is it worth the effort? It strikes me, as I was warned, that Google don't really give a stuff, don't want to make an effort to stop this illegal activity and would prefer to brush it under the Google carpet by being difficult.

What a pack of clowns!


Bill M said...

Like any big corporation, all they care about is how much profit increases from one month to the next.

Scott Kernaghan said...

While I feel it is pertinent to spell it out to them, because... You know, googke isn't sure how to search things, I'm beginning to think that the hijacking code that the blogger has installed into his site that jumps over to his advertising my be of more interest to google - who are being circumvented for advertising dollars.

Jeremy said...

What's called 'scraper' blogs usually steal your posts (word for word) and then reposts them to try to make revenue from ads. The best Google seems to be able to do is give the original site top spot in search rankings. Here's a splog search engine:

Anonymous said...

It happened to a Yahoo Group I was once part of. Every single post, word for word, including the posters' full email addresses, was reposted on a Google blog. Despite much complaining, neither Yahoo nor Google cared enough to do anything about it so the group disbanded. I feel for you.