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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Cool Typings

Albert Tangora leads the Royal typing class on a beach in California, 1938
Ed Sullivan, Atlantic City, 1936
Dictation, Germany, 1926
Olivetti ICO MP1
William Faulkner, Hollywood, Underwood 4, 1943
Helen Hull, Corona 4, 1946
Elsa Maxwell, Venice, Olivetti Lettera 22, 1963
Stan Freberg, Olympia, 1962
Ian Fleming, Jamaica, Olympia SF
Armenian writer Vahe Katcha, 1966
Karl Hess on a houseboat on the Anacostia River, 1969
Rudi Carrell, Marbella, Remington, 1974
John Blunsden covers Italian Grand Prix, 1975
James Clavell, Smith-Corona, 1977
Pierre Rey, California, Smith-Corona, 1988
Clint Eastwood plays John Houston character, Zimbabwe, 1990
British writer Rosamunde Pilcher, Silver-Seiko
Thomas Gottschalk and Ankie Beilke, Kenya, 1985
Ottfried Fischer and Nina Proll
Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, 2002
Fashion model, Marseilles, Hermes 2000, 2007
Helen Mirren in Hitchcock movie, Olympia
Hermes 3000
Hermes Baby


Taylor Harbin said...

Shows you that any typewriter can be a portable, if you're strong enough. I'm going on a train trip in May and plan to take my new Lettera 32 along, just 'cuz.

That girl on the way could I sit like that long enough to write a few pages. My knees would kill me.

Anonymous said...

Can't get much cooler than Clint Eastwood!

Richard P said...

What a great theme. Is Clint using a Voss?

shordzi said...

Carrell, Gottschalk and Fischer - EXCELLENT!

Tom Lucas said...

That last untitled picture - could that be a Torpedo ? The linespace lever is very distintive !

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Taylor, Steve, Richard, Georg and Tom.
Yes, Richard, I think that is a Voss. And Tom, yes, that's either an early Torpedo or the German-made Remington variant; I think the one Carrell is using is likely to be the Torpedo variant of a Remington, too.