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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Melbourne Print Museum Typewriters

Our man in Victoria, Michael Klein (occasional guest columnist with his Typewriter Technician recollections) has alerted me to a display of typewriters in Melbourne. It is at the Melbourne Museum of Printing in West Footscray. The museum's online typewriter page is still "in preparation", but declares the museum "has about 100 typewriters. No real antiques: nothing earlier than about 1925." Despite this claim, Michael's son took photos of some being exhibited, and they include a Featherweight Blickensderfer that is definitely pre-1925:


Bill M said...

That one following the Blick looks like a radio with dials to turn.

JustAnotherGuy said...

I think that's a Coxhead Varityper- a descendant of the Hammond. It looks quite complicated to use!