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Sunday, 22 July 2018

The Poppy-Red Portable Typewriter

Now everything is Poppy-red
Poppy-red, Poppy-red
In loving memory
Now everything is Poppy-red
Poppy-red, Poppy-red
The gifts she gave to me
In loving memory, memory
- Richard Thompson
Had an urge to keep my hand in by giving a typewriter a new, brighter life. This Adler Gabriele 25, given to me earlier in the year by a lady in the bush, was in very good working condition, but had a quite drab sort of non-colour. I thought a paint called "Poppy-Red" would do the trick, and it did. Maybe I should hold on to this one for next Anzac Day. Unless it becomes a "must-have" for someone in the meantime. It looks equally great on red silk or matching poppy-red wool.


Bill M said...

Great work Robert!

Many old plastic body typewriters that were a nice white or tan have discolored over the years and your idea of painting one is just what some of mine need. Now if I had the time to put your idea to work on some of my typewriters.

Ted said...

That is a great-looking color on that adler. I'm surprised they didn't cast those bodies in more interesting colors than "not quite whitish-ivory". :D

Richard P said...


Jennifer said...

I got a little bit excited at your Adler as it looks a lot like my lovely Adler Contessa (in 1970s burnt orange) which I bought using my savings as a 13 year old. When my children were younger, they were very excited to realise she didn't need electricity!