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Thursday 10 January 2019

Chevron Electronic 330 Typewriter

PS: The correction tape works just fine!
PPS: There was a green IBM Selectric II at the recycling centre, too. I may go back for it in a week or two. If it's still there and at the same price, I'll bring it home as well.


Bill M said...

Nice typewriter for $5.00.

Richard P said...

It does nice work.

Is this the same Chevron as the oil company? If so, your machine would be the second typewriter sold by an oil company, after the Exxon QYX.

SteveK said...

Nakajima All Co. Ltd AE330. ;)

Robert Messenger said...

Thanks Bill, Richard and Steve.
Richard, I should have mentioned that this machine was sold by Woolworths (Australia). According to a history of the Australian chain store Woolworths, "In May, 1973 the Company introduced a carefully planned series of Woolworths Own Brands. 200 items were launched under five different Brand Names – St Mark, Tania, Grandway, Chevron and Woolworths all bearing the ‘Own Brands’ seal. To qualify for inclusion in the ‘Own Brands’ range the product had to be at least equal in quality to the national market leader but sold at a cheaper price." From memory (when writing on the Chevron manual portables) there was no link with the oil company.

Ted said...

Also, very similar to the 1983/84 Sears Communicator 1 & 2: