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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Interesting Typewriters On Offer

Some interesting typewriters are for sale at a certain much-abused online auction house, one which shall remain nameless. By the way, that Orga Privat mentioned in my last round-up is still for sale for £169 in Coventry, England – don’t send it (back) to Coventry! Just a few hours left.

There’s a “cute” Portex No 5 being offered in Bob Dylan’s home town, with one bid at a mere $25. Less than three days left.
In Italy, there’s a Teletype Lorenz Western Union (1920) at $1750, no bids with more than five days left. It’s described as a very rare piece “ASPIRED BY THE COLLEZZIONISTIS”. How can one resist such a lumbering great lump?
Also for sale in England (spoils of war?) is this Groma Model N (for “Nazi?). It has that SS double lightening bolt key, the one sellers aren’t allowed to highlight any more.
I read that the symbol "originated from the ‘Sig’ or ‘Sigel’ or even ‘Siegel’ rune and was part of Hitler's widespread use of occult symbols”.
This machine is currently listed a 99 pence, more than four days left and one bid. The seller estimates it’s from 1939.
Finally, a Wellington in Texas at a mere $49, no bids and almost six days left.


Rob Bowker said...

Hi Robert, I was bidder number one on that Groma N. I bid before I realised it had THAT key, mostly because it was such an understated presentation with no reserve. I just wanted it for the Groma branding. Who knows, I might get it for a fiver if we don't discuss it too much :-)

Rob Bowker said...

PS: Was also surprised that it had a QWERTY keyboard. Wold that be usual for a German market machine of that era? Perhaps it was aimed at the literati of Moseley's blackshirts.

Richard P said...

I find that a certain proportion (10%?) of old German typewriters are QWERTY. Don't know the history behind this.

The teletype for "collezionistis" isn't gonig to sell at that price, but it is pretty amazing. I pictured one of these in ETCetera a little while ago and pointed out its downstroke-from-the-back design.

Robert Messenger said...

Sorry if I spoiled it for you, Rob, I guess I should have checked with you first. I didn't discuss it any further, but I see the Groma has just gone off for 195 pounds, two war memorabilia collectors went head-to-head. I was amazed to win the Portex myself for a mere $41