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Saturday 31 May 2014

Introducing the McTaggart-Riter (Booty IV)

It has become customary for me to reward fellow Typospherians for service above and beyond the call of Typospherian duty by naming a Remington portable typewriter in their honour. So, with sincere thanks to John Lavery for his prompt and courteous assistance in enabling me to complete my Hermes 2000 Hebrew language typewriter project, here is the McTaggart-Riter. It joins the Polt-Righter of July 2011 (see below). 
I don't know why John signs himself in his comments as "McTaggart", or runs "McTaggart's Typewriter Workshop", but I do think "McTaggart-Riter" has a certain ring to it (it started out as a "Letter-Riter", so I guess I could have called it a "Lavery-Riter"). But going with McTaggart allowed me to use the stylish McTaggart coat of arms on this machine - so good, indeed, I used it twice. I also tried a trim of the McTaggart tartan, but it didn't work too well, so I added a gold trim instead.
Below, the Polt -Righter. There is a good reason it is called a "Righter" rather than a "Riter" or a "Writer". Richard P leaves me for dead in the spelling stakes, and it's good to have someone keeping an eye on such things. Maybe one day Richard will actually get his hands on his typewriter.


Piotr Trumpiel said...

That looks absolutely fabulous - again! What are you using to make these decals please?

Ted said...

That looks very splendid, as does the Polt-Righter and the other ones you have Ozzified. (:

(yeah, even that gemstone-encrusted one)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Any chance you'd do one called the "Night-Writer"?

Unknown said...

L O V E I T ! ! ! And couldn't be to a more deserving bloke. :-) Nice work, Mr. Messenger!