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Friday, 2 May 2014

Haunting Memories

Typecast using a Royal Arrow portable typewriter.
To add to the eeriness of the day, I was interviewed myself, by the Melbourne Age, about the QWERTY keyboard.
I have interviewed all the people mentioned below, except for the lady in Mali.
Anyone identify the typewriter?
The late Bob Hoskins, one of my all-time favourite actors, in Pennies From Heaven (top) and Mona Lisa.
 A Smith-Corona Coronamatic 8000 just like the late Neville Wran's.
Haunted by his past? IRA chief Gerry Adams
 Scary: Interviewed in a dark, haunted forest late at night - Richard Milat
Meanwhile, in  Tienfala, Mali, the secretary of the town mayor uses an Olivetti Lettera 25 during a visit by the Minister of Environment, Water and Sanitation, Idrissa Abdoulaye Maiga, and members of the Water and Energy Commission of the National Assembly to the classified forest near this commune on the Niger River in the Cercle of Koulikoro in the Koulikoro region of south-western Mali.


Scott K said...

Hoskins is a very sad loss. That's quite a collective of interview subjects there. And all mentioned here in a very sombre context. Let's hope things get better.

Ted said...

I'm going to guess a Voss?

Richard P said...

Ted beat me to it, that's a Voss.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a sad loss. Loved Pennies from Heaven!