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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Watching the Grass Grow, the Paint Dry

 Typecast using one of my Torpedo 18s. Original colours.
 It may not look much yet, but it's growing rapidly. Soon all the patches will be covered by grass. One bunch of cat grass is in the right foreground


Ted said...

Ahh, yes. I've got some machines to paint too - thanks for the reminder (:

Richard P said...

The ABCs look great!

Don Lampert said...

As a decorative faux painter, and muralist, I've watched lots of paint dry, too. Yes, the ABC's look great - what fun

Miguel Chávez said...

I like that yellow ABC a lot, and yellow is not a color I generally like! Great job!

I like your new lawn! Something tells me Charlie will be very happy.