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Friday 14 August 2015

All Mod Cons, ETCetera

ETCetera's founding editor Darryl Rehr, photographed by Bob Carey in June 1996 at his West Los Angeles home, for a Los Angeles Times story. Darryl will be delighted the journal is still being produced - bigger, brighter and better than ever - as it forges into its 28th year.
With Richard Polt (Writing BallThe Typewriter Revolution) resuming duties at the helm as editor, ETCetera, the Early Typewriter Collectors' Association quarterly journal, is once more going like gangbusters.
The fourth issue of the year is already well advanced in production planning, Ted Munk (of To Type, Shoot Straight and the Speak the Truth fame) has completely revamped ETCetera's website (see here) and Gabriel Burbano has given ETCetera a much-needed Facebook presence (see here).
Both of these sites offer ample opportunities to sign up and become a subscriber. For a mere $35 a year, ETCetera unquestionably provides the best value in printed typewriter-related material that money can possibly buy.
Gab's Facebook page has already posted some irresistible teasers for the next edition and Ted's website is offering lots of free extras - such as, for example, an Ebony font to download. This is especially interesting, as it was in 1996 that founding ETCetera editor Darryl Rehr revealed a computer program to reproduce typewriter fonts:
This sort of thing has advanced a lot in 19 years, and so too has ETCetera. Subscribe today and be sure to get the next issue, No 110. If you do so now, you will also receive issues 108 and 109 as part of the deal. Who could resist such an offer?


Bill M said...

You've talked me into it Robert.
In reality I heard of ETCetera soon after I bought my first H3k. One of those I'll subscribe when I ... and then I forget about subscribing since I get quite a few trade and technical magazines of which many go unread for months and even longer. My fear is the same for ETCetera. It'll get thumbed through, put on my book shelf, and months later I may find time to read it.

Robert Messenger said...

Great the hear that, Bill.
I promise you you won't regret it. ETCetera is very readable, easy in the eye, not like a trade or technical mag, not easy to put down once picked up.

shordzi said...

No one can resist such an offer Robert. That would be utterly stupid!