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Saturday 15 August 2015

Tennessee Williams and his Typewriters

This photograph of Tennessee Williams at a portable typewriter was taken by W. Eugene Smith in 1946, but not published by LIFE magazine until its February 6, 1948, edition, which included a lengthy feature article about Williams.
1942, New York
 1950, Hamburg
 1957, Bahama, Key West
 June 1955, Rome
 1957, London
 January 1957, Key West
 Late 1970s
 1981, Key West
This was claimed at a 2005 Dallas auction to be the typewriter Williams used to write Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Summer and Smoke:


Nick Bodemer said...

Looks like a Remette in the 1942 photo. At first, I thought Envoy, until I saw the lack of a horizontal carriage return lever

Anonymous said...

He clearly had a rapport with his '44. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I feel better about using so many for my work! Did he have an Olivetti 21 and a Studio 44? I've grown very attached to mine.

Richard P said...

I thought I'd seen all the photos of TW with his TWs. But no!