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Sunday, 26 July 2020

Golfball Typewriter Jewellery

As a fashion artist, my London daughter-in-law is as creative, imaginative and resourceful as anyone I know - apart, that is, from her mother, my wife. Emily uses her skills as a shoe and boot maker (her work is seen in many movies), clothes designer and seamstress and jewellery maker to come up with all sorts of beautiful creations. She can spot a discarded umbrella in a bin on a windy, wet day, and quickly turn it into a recyclable shopping bag. When Emily was back in Australia last year for our wedding, she spotted my collection of IMB Selectric golfballs gathering dust in the typewriter workshop and wondered aloud if they were ever going to be put to any use. I said no, take them. And this is the necklace she made from them. More of Emily's amazing work can be seen on Instagram.

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