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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Another 20 Typewriters for the Big Exhibition

The final list of 100 of my typewriters to go into the exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery from July to September is almost settled - with one or two still lingering on the outer, meaning a couple may yet not make the cut.
It has been a difficult process, and I will explain later the broad criteria. Suffice the say for the meantime that these are not my pick of the 100 best typewriters in my collection; that would probably have been much more straight forward. By necessity, there are 10 sections with 10 typewriters in each, and the choice is pretty much dictated by that. Anyway, for the time being, here is the official blurb for the event (not my choice of title, I hasten to add; I'd have picked Q to Y):
From A to Z: Robert Messenger’s typewriters
Saturday, 14 July – Sunday, 16 September
Canberra journalist Robert Messenger showcases his amazing collection of rare, beautiful and historic typewriters and typewriter ephemera.
Artwork for the exhibition is in the works. Also in the works is a 120-page book (same format as my earlier portable typewriters book) to coincide with the exhibition, with the 100 typewriters each having one page, including image and details of design etc. Cost this time will be $10 a copy, plus postage. 
So here are another 20 typewriters which HAVE made the cut (except the Royal De Luxe may change from black to brown!):
Blickensderfer 5
The Empire
Frolio 5
Olivetti Lettera 22
Olivetti Valentine
Royal Eldorado
Royal Signet
Simplex No 5
Alba (made by Antares, Italy)
Remington Bantam
Blickensderfer 8
Junior Dial Typewriter by Marx (US)
Imperial Good Companion
Kamkap (aka Revere) made by Jardine, Nottingham
Monarch Pioneer (Remington)
Olivetti Studio 44
Olympia SF
Royal De Luxe
Corona Zephyr
Royal Model P


shordzi said...

What an excellent selection - leaves me with the wish to see those "left behind". Ok, today I start saving up for a trip down-under to see my friend R. and typewriters, and kangaroos, too (you know, none spotted so far in Austria). Nice photos, too.

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you so much, Georg. I am very much looking forward to meeting you in Canberra. And I can guarantee you that you will see kangaroos;they wander all over our city streets - so many the government is forever culling them (during droughts they tend to drown people's pet dogs - seriously!). I hope you noted the Alba made it.

Trent Reker said...

always wanted a blick. the older the better. a valentine, too. have a 1935 royal deluxe as you picture. she's my favorite.

a lot of these look like remington #1 knock-offs. pardon my ignorance if it's a widely-known fact.

thanks for keeping them alove. yes, i know how i spelled that.

Rob Bowker said...

On the offchance I can't make the exhibition, will the catalogue/book be available to purchase online?

Bill M said...

What a wonderful collection!

notagain said...

very impressive collection!

Richard P said...

Nice choices. Lots of cute machines (particularly that Alba) in this round.

Maybe you can show us some of the typewriters you're on the fence about, and let us chime in?