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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Help Pick the Typewriter: The Richard Polt Challenge 1

I love a challenge. And Richard Polt threw down the gauntlet in Cincinnati this fine Canberra autumn morn, by commenting on the choices for the Typewriter Exhibition in Canberra from July-September.
"Maybe you can show us some of the typewriters you're on the fence about, and let us chime in?" wrote Richard.
Well here's the first of two tasks, a relatively easy one - vote for TWO Royal portables from these seven (ONE, but not both, must be a Model P; also please bear in mind we are looking for a range of colours among the 100 typewriters to go on display):
Black De Luxe
(Also have this with the cork platen - might make for something a bit different)
Brown De Luxe
(I may still have a green one of these somewhere. I know I sold one back to Scott McNeill at the Vintage Typewriter Shoppe.)
Blue Crocodile Skin Model P
(There is already a green 'Crocodile Dundee' Smith Premier [Remington] in the exhibition)
Faux (brown) Woodgrain
Red and black Model P
Green and black Model P
Smokey Red
(I once had the full range of these - yellow, blue, green, brown, red; the yellow is on loan somewhere, I think I sold the brown and I can't lay my hands on the blue or green.)


Dwayne F. said...

I vote for the brown de Luxe and the red and black model P. The latter is a show stopper. Stunning.

Ryan Adney said...

Red and black P and the brown de Luxe are my favorites too.

Ted said...

I concur with the opinions of these fine gentlemen (:

Bill M said...

I'm with Dwayne F. on the brown De Luxe and red & Black model P. Those look like very attractive typewriters, although I like them all.

maschinengeschrieben said...

I totally agree with everyone here. Red&Black P and Brown Deluxe.

Dwayne F. said...

Now for the corollary question: How far would we go to get hold of Robert's red and black machine? ;)

Richard P said...

Tough choice! I differ a bit from the others, my two favorites are the green & black model P and the smoky red. It's hard to go wrong, though.

Thanks for offering us the challenge!