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Monday 16 April 2012

Guess Who's at the Typewriter? 20 Questions

A little 20-question guessing game, with one-word (or name) association clues ... So who are the typists? (Answers tomorrow - now attached):
Anchor: Walter Cronkite
Ashes: Frank McCourt
Cats: T.S.Eliot
Cosmo: Helen Gurley Brown
Earl Hofert: David Letterman
Goon: Harry Secombe
Hammer: Mickey Spillane
Howl: Allen Ginsberg
Jackal: Frederick Forsyth
Je t'aime: Serge Gainsbourg
Lambs: Jodie Foster
Madrid: Richard Polt
Nixon: David Frost
Norman: Anthony Perkins
Place: Grace Metalious
Reds: Jack Reed
Sage: H.L.Mencken
Watergate: Benjamin Bradlee
Zone: Rod Sterling
Zorro: Tyrone Power


shordzi said...

I think I can spot Richard!!

maschinengeschrieben said...

I have no idea who the typists are, but I spotted 3 Babies, 1 Lettera, 2 Noiselesses and Watergate uses a Remington Rand 17.

Bill M said...

I grew up with the Twilight Zone and cannot miss Rod Serling. I kind of recognize some others and just cannot think of the names. I noticed the Lettera 32 and missed the others Florian noticed.

notagain said...

Is that Neddie Seagoon? I have guesses on about half, and I think you did a post on "Ashes" a while back.

Richard P said...

Lots of good new photos here! Let's see ... this is without any googling.

Anchor: Walter Cronkite?
Ashes: Frank McCourt?
Cats: T.S. Eliot
Cosmo: Helen Gurley Brown?
Earl Hofert: He looks like David Letterman??
Hammer: Mickey Spillane
Howl: Allen Ginsberg
Je t'aime: Serge Gainsbourg? Is that his name?
Lamb: Jodie Foster
Norman: that Psycho actor
Sage: I dunno but is that photo mirror reversed?
Zone: Bill M got it.

Robert Messenger said...

Georg 1
Bill 1
Peter 1
Richard 11
Do you want the answers yet?

Bill M said...

Richard, I knew you'd know them. I should have gotten Cronkite and when I saw Jodie Foster I was thinking Drew Barrymore and I knew that was not her.
It finally hit me who Zorro is: Fulkner

Robert Messenger said...

OK, the answers are:
Anchor - Walter Cronkite
Ashes - Frank McCourt
Cats - T.S.Eliot
Cosmo - Helen Gurley Brown
Earl Hofert - David Letterman
Goon - Harry Secombe
Hammer - Mickey Spillane
Howl - Allen Ginsberg
Je t'aime - Serge Gainsbourg
Jackal - Frederick Forsyth

Robert Messenger said...

Lambs - Jodie Foster
Madrid - Richard Polt
Nixon - David Frost
Norman - Anthony Perkins
Place - Grace Metalious
Reds - Jack Reed
Sage - H.L.Mencken
Watergate - Benjamin Bradlee
Zone - Rod Sterling
Zorro - Tyrone Power

Scott K said...

Darn. I had foster, letterman and forsythe, only to come on here and find the answers!

Letterman looks like he's moments away from pounding that baby even flatter than it already is. A bit like a baby that I have in my possession, which I am attempting to 'repair' (read: mangle backwards to an almost working state).

Scott K said...

.... and by the time I've written my mail down, you've even edited the post to have the answeres! Oh well.

Bill M said...

Richard, I should have known! I did not recognize you with the hat and no glasses.

I got the last one wrong also. Oh, well, just a guess.