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Monday, 16 April 2012

Guess Who's at the Typewriter? 20 Questions

A little 20-question guessing game, with one-word (or name) association clues ... So who are the typists? (Answers tomorrow - now attached):
Anchor: Walter Cronkite
Ashes: Frank McCourt
Cats: T.S.Eliot
Cosmo: Helen Gurley Brown
Earl Hofert: David Letterman
Goon: Harry Secombe
Hammer: Mickey Spillane
Howl: Allen Ginsberg
Jackal: Frederick Forsyth
Je t'aime: Serge Gainsbourg
Lambs: Jodie Foster
Madrid: Richard Polt
Nixon: David Frost
Norman: Anthony Perkins
Place: Grace Metalious
Reds: Jack Reed
Sage: H.L.Mencken
Watergate: Benjamin Bradlee
Zone: Rod Sterling
Zorro: Tyrone Power


shordzi said...

I think I can spot Richard!!

maschinengeschrieben said...

I have no idea who the typists are, but I spotted 3 Babies, 1 Lettera, 2 Noiselesses and Watergate uses a Remington Rand 17.

Bill M said...

I grew up with the Twilight Zone and cannot miss Rod Serling. I kind of recognize some others and just cannot think of the names. I noticed the Lettera 32 and missed the others Florian noticed.

notagain said...

Is that Neddie Seagoon? I have guesses on about half, and I think you did a post on "Ashes" a while back.

Richard P said...

Lots of good new photos here! Let's see ... this is without any googling.

Anchor: Walter Cronkite?
Ashes: Frank McCourt?
Cats: T.S. Eliot
Cosmo: Helen Gurley Brown?
Earl Hofert: He looks like David Letterman??
Hammer: Mickey Spillane
Howl: Allen Ginsberg
Je t'aime: Serge Gainsbourg? Is that his name?
Lamb: Jodie Foster
Norman: that Psycho actor
Sage: I dunno but is that photo mirror reversed?
Zone: Bill M got it.

Robert Messenger said...

Georg 1
Bill 1
Peter 1
Richard 11
Do you want the answers yet?

Bill M said...

Richard, I knew you'd know them. I should have gotten Cronkite and when I saw Jodie Foster I was thinking Drew Barrymore and I knew that was not her.
It finally hit me who Zorro is: Fulkner

Robert Messenger said...

OK, the answers are:
Anchor - Walter Cronkite
Ashes - Frank McCourt
Cats - T.S.Eliot
Cosmo - Helen Gurley Brown
Earl Hofert - David Letterman
Goon - Harry Secombe
Hammer - Mickey Spillane
Howl - Allen Ginsberg
Je t'aime - Serge Gainsbourg
Jackal - Frederick Forsyth

Robert Messenger said...

Lambs - Jodie Foster
Madrid - Richard Polt
Nixon - David Frost
Norman - Anthony Perkins
Place - Grace Metalious
Reds - Jack Reed
Sage - H.L.Mencken
Watergate - Benjamin Bradlee
Zone - Rod Sterling
Zorro - Tyrone Power

Scott Kernaghan said...

Darn. I had foster, letterman and forsythe, only to come on here and find the answers!

Letterman looks like he's moments away from pounding that baby even flatter than it already is. A bit like a baby that I have in my possession, which I am attempting to 'repair' (read: mangle backwards to an almost working state).

Scott Kernaghan said...

.... and by the time I've written my mail down, you've even edited the post to have the answeres! Oh well.

Bill M said...

Richard, I should have known! I did not recognize you with the hat and no glasses.

I got the last one wrong also. Oh, well, just a guess.