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Monday 28 April 2014

10 Funny and Fascinating Old Typewriter Movies

Historic Typewriters Demonstrated in Holland, 1966
(including Williams, Edelmann, Mignon, Chinese typewriter and many more)
Typing Pool with a Blind Typewriter!
(no sound; 1910-20?)
Typing to Music, Budapest, Hungary, 1937
"Tap-Tap Tournament"
World Speed Typing Championship, 
Chicago, 1941
Footage of Margaret Hamma typing at a world record 
149 words a minute on IBM electric. See story here.
Milan, Italy, Typing Contest, 1938
(note Olivetti ICO MP1 prizes at end!)
Australian Typing Record:
53 Hours of Typing, Adelaide, 1962
(using Remington Monarch portables)
Lily Pavey's British Music Typewriter, 1961
(see story on it here)
Automated Typewriter, Germany, 1956
(unedited; no sound)
Enid Blyton's two-fingered typing
on an Imperial Good Companion, 1946
'Multilingual' IBM Selectric, 1967
(demonstrated using keyboard cards,
Chiswick, England; unedited, no sound)


Richard P said...

Pathé is a gold mine! Thanks for digging up the nuggets.

John said...

Looks like a Seimag system in the German automated typewriter film. Could be wrong but I think I saw one of these in the Ericson building in Richmond , Melbourne

Robert Messenger said...

Thank you Richard for your thanks.
John, you are right - if you look closely at the letterhead on the paper being used, it says Seimag.

Roy said...

Pathé is a gold mine! Thanks for digging up the nuggets.