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Thursday 22 May 2014

Quick Typewriter Quiz

Possibly best tried without referring to anything. Answers in the comments field.
1. An easy one to start with: How many Yasui brothers formed Brother: 2, 4, 6 or 8?
2. Who was Erika?
3. Who was Gabriele?
4. What did May Estella Munson demonstrate at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair-Columbian Exposition?
5. Which company used this lion logo?
6. And this one?
7. Which typewriter has a tiger on it?
8. It's a long tail (sic), so which US and French companies finished up in court over very similar trademarks?
9. Which company used this logo?
10. And this logo?
11. What did the Frolio 5 become, as made in Bakelite by Optima?
12. Which typewriter became a very fast BMW car?
13. Which typewriter was designed by two renowned sports car designers?
14. Orel is Czech for eagle. So which company made the Orel?
15. It's a US state and an Italian (Swiss-designed) typewriter.
16. "Flying walnut" was the original, jocular working title for what?
17. The "hummingbird" typewriter is the ...?
18. Love from Paris is the English title for a 1957 West German film starring Romy Schneider and Horst Buchholz. Its original title is the Buchholz character name ("my little one") and also that of a rather unusual typewriter.
19. Name three manufacturers which produced Tippas.
20. Name two American brands which used world/globe maps as decals.
21. Name three American brands that used crowns as decals/badges.
22. Which company used a theatre curtain decal?
23. What is the common denominator for H.G.Palmer, Craftamatic, Pinnock, Stott, Pacific, Waverley, Lemair, Hanimex and Waltons?
24. How does one tell a Triumph typewriter logo apart from a Triumph motorcycle logo?
25. And an easy one to finish with: Which typewriter was launched on February 14, 1969?


Robert Messenger said...

1. Two. 2. Bruno Naumann’s only granddaughter. 3. Max Grundig's granddaughter. 4. Blickensderfers. 5. Triumph. 6. Empire Aristocrat. 7. Noiseless. 8. Royal and Rooy. 9. Rheinmetall. 10. Mercedes. 11. The Bambino. 12. Alpina. 13. Smith-Corona Ghia design Super G. 14. Adler. 15. Montana. 16. The IBM golfball. 17. The Groma Kolibri. 18. Monpti. 19. Gossen, Triumph-Adler, Nakajima (Litton). 20. Hammond, Underwood. 21. Royal, Corona, Underwood. 22. Caligraph. 23. They're all overseas typewriters rebranded in Australia. 24. Typewriter swish across the top, motorcycle swish underneath. 25. The Olivetti Valentine.

Richard P said...

Great quiz! I think I knew about 1/3 of these.

Robert Messenger said...

Thanks Richard. I bet you got the tiger one! And the Orel.

Richard P said...

Yes, I did get those, and the Kolibri ... I guess I like animals!

Robert Messenger said...

I also know you know what "my little one" (mon p'tit) is - I recall you pointing that out to me.

shordzi said...

20 out of 25, I would say!

Robert Messenger said...

Well done, Georg! You lead so far.

Rob Bowker said...

That was fun Robert, thanks. Placing the logo in question 9 had me really scratching my head. So familiar! Grrr.

Anyway, here are my answers to the ones I knew. Like in all the best quizzes, I'm going to be disruptive and claim 6 is British Typewriters the company, not the brand and the BMW M1 was pretty quick, like Olivetti's. Also, can I have two thirds of a point for 19?

1] Two
2] Naumann's granddaughter
6] British Typewriters
10] Mercedes
12] Olivetti M1
13] SMC Ghia
15] Montana
17] Kolibri
18] Monpti
19] Gossen, Triumph Adler ???
24] The Motorbike's is happy, the other sad.
25] Valentine