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Thursday, 1 April 2021

What The ....

David Lawrence sent me links to these TradeMe listings in New Zealand today. We're both confused:

This is the only hint I could find, on an Australian site:

Also on TradeMe:

Meanwhile, a Smith-Corona Clipper Series 5 and a 1946 Hermes Bay have starting prices of $1 and a lovely Underwood Leader for $60. Go figure!

1 comment:

Bill M said...

Weird, strange, and unusual art. I may go to a sewing supply store and purchase 10 thimble and see if it is even possible to type with those obstructions on my finger tips.
Over inflated typewriter prices seem to be the norm on the Bay. Yet I got a Selectric for $14.00 yesterday with free shipping! I think the seller lost money on that one.