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Saturday, 10 December 2011

2012 Typewriter Calendar

For those typewriter collecting friends who received a Typewriter Calendar from me last year, I'm afraid I won't get a chance to mail one out this year. But here is the next best option - if you want one for 2012, you can download it from here and print it out. For those wanting a 2012 Typewriter Calendar that is a little bit racier in image content, one will follow soon. If anyone has any special requests for a Typewriter Calendar theme, please let me know. Typewriter Calendar 2012


Rob Bowker said...

You did a good thing there Robert. Nice idea. Surely this one's racy enough?

notagain said...

very nice! makes a great gift!

Richard P said...


The cover image with the flapper and the Underwood is just SO cute.

Thanks for the gift.

notagain said...

I type poorly enough without attempting it on a bucking horse or a camel!