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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pick the Portable Typewriter: Win a Prize


The clues are:
1.     It is a portable (There is a clue in that to the first part of the name, I swear).
2.     Add an “O” to the front of first part of the name and you have an Australian restaurant chain
3.     The name is hyphenated.
4.     This machine appeared in a Christmas Day image on this blog.
5.     The second part of the name is a word that, as in this case, neither Remington nor Corona seemed able to spell right.
(Corona looked to the sky and came up a letter short; Remington was very quiet in its embarrassment)
6.     The second part of the name actually means “a religious or solemn observance or act”
7.     The typewriter was made between 1931 and April 1934. Only 11,500 were ever made. They were made by Remington. They look like Remingtons.
8.     The serial number starts with the letters “SR
9.     “SR” stands for Sears Roebuck.
10.  You can read all about this model on Richard Polt’s Remington portables page at The Classic Typewriter Page at