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Monday, 19 December 2011

For Christmas, may we suggest a Corona Portable Typewriter


Cameron said...

Excellent suggestion!

It's very interesting to see the Smith Corona line, descending from the top to the bottom in this ad.

Richard P said...

Neat ad. What's the date on it?

What is "Speed Booster"? I'm guessing the touch control?

I am also interested to learn that glossy black and maroon paint were available at the same time as the "nonglare ripple finish."

Robert Messenger said...

Sorry, Richard, I should have added that - it's Christmas 1939. Not sure about the speed booster. As for the colour, glossy maroon would look great, I think. They seem to have stuck with that from the earlier series.
Thanks, Cameron, finding these five under the Christmas in whichever order would be fantastic!

Ted said...

Ha! The "Deluxe Zepyr" is missing the little plate that covers the paper support mechanism, a common malady you see on Skyriters today. Perhaps that was a "feature". :D

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