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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Barr Typewriter - My Favourite Portable, Bar None

The Barr typewriter didn't make it to Australia because it was made at a time when the major US manufacturers were having to overcome, in various ways, import restrictions and taxes to sell their typewriters at affordable prices in this country, something Barr apparently couldn't make viable. Remington had parts shipped in and assembled here, while Royal, Smith-Corona and Underwood had machines manufactured in another part of the British Empire: Canada.


Rob Bowker said...

On the one hand, I can see why Richard was pleased to give it. On the other, I completely understand why you'd keep it close. If I'm not mistaken, the font on the Barr is the same as the poles-apart Olivetti Vlaentine and Adlers: Braggadocio from the 1930s.

Richard P said...

Hello old friend Robert, it's nice to see my old friend the Barr gleaming so happily in Australia!

The design is one of my favorites too, because it shows such individuality and nonconformism in so many details.

I got a turquoise one a little while ago that I will add to my collection list when I update it. (I am gradually working on a much-needed update.)

Cameron said...

What a lovely work of art, in addition to being a very special machine in many ways. I can definitely see why you wouldn't want to let it out of your house!

I especially like the carriage return lever. I've never seen one like it. Beautiful!