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Monday 16 April 2012

Guess Who's at the Typewriter? II: 20 More Questions

OK, so I spoilt it for Scott by giving the answers too soon. So here's another chance - again, some very easy, some not-so-easy:
Ark (Noam Chomsky)
Biloxi (Neil Simon)
Bonfire (Tom Wolfe)
Brave (Noel Coward)
Chestnut (Herman Price)
Companion (J.B.Priestley)
Complaint (Philip Roth)
Misfit (Arthur Miller)
MM (Malcolm Muggeridge)
Not Elton John (Ben Elton)
Oscar (Jack Klugman)
Oxford, Mississippi (James Meredith)
Partridge (Shirley Jones)
Perry (Erle Stanley Gardner)
Pilgrim (Kurt Vonnegut)
Roxie, Mississippi (Richard Wright)
Snow Goose (Paul Gallico)
Soap (Richard Mulligan)
The Prize (Irving Wallace)
Woods (Cameron Kopf)


Richard P said...

Ark: I don't know but he reminds me of Noam Chomsky
Bonfire: Tom Wolfe
Chestnut: my man H.P.!
Companion: J.B. Priestley?
Complaint: Philip Roth
MM: Would that be old Marshall McLuhan?
Not Elton John: no idea, but that's a very cool, albeit rusty, Salter Visible!
Oscar: Jack Klugman
Pilgrim: Kurt Vonnegut
Woods: my man C.K.!

(Again done by human memory alone, so some misspellings and the like probably crept in.)

Robert Messenger said...

Very well done again, Richard: Eight right this time. Please don't ask me about the clue for Chomsky! I don't think people in the US will have heard of the man with the Salter Visible, he's a British-Australian comic. Then again, Peter picked Neddy Seagoon that last time around. The MM is also probably better known in Britain (and Down Under, too, perhaps). BTW, I don't think the Mencken photo is reversed, though there does seem to something like a rose on the right lapel? Talking of reversed photos, did you note the last Typex cover pic, with the Alpina?

Robert Messenger said...

PS: I'll leave it without answers for 24 hours this time, I don't want to spoil for anyone else!

Bill M said...

Woods, Cameron

Bill M said...

Misfit, Jack Keroac
I did recognize the other Jack, Ricahrd beat me to it.

Robert Messenger said...

ANSWERS: Noam Chomsky, Neil Simon, Tom Wolfe, Noel Coward, Herman Price, J.B.Priestley, Philip Roth, Arthur Miller, Malcolm Muggeridge, Ben Elton, Jack Klugman, James Meredith, Shirley Jones, Erle Stanley Gardner, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Wright, Paul Gallico, Richard Mulligan, Irving Wallace, Cameron Kopf.

Cameron said...

Imagine my extreme surprise to find my picture included in this illustrious gathering of typists. Thank you!