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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Help Pick the Toy Typewriter: The Richard Polt Challenge 2

OK, it already looks like the red and black Model P and the brown De Luxe for the two Royal portables on exhibition, with just four votes in (including mine).
So now we come to the more difficult task - if you are willing to help me out with toy typewriters, please vote for 10 from this group of 40.
For various reasons, it has been deemed essential to include toy typewriters in the exhibition.
Again, remember we are looking for a range of vintages, brands and colours - I also had it in mind to include a "modern" toy typewriter (that is, a brand new toy available for sale today - I think these are fairly obvious among the typewriters below).
I have dozens of the dial-index typewriters with faux keyboards (notably Berwins; also Mettype, Mettoy, Mickey Mouse etc), but included only a couple here - my preference, beyond the Simplex, is for keyboard and platen toy typewriters. However, if you think a Berwin should be in here, please so say.
My list, which voters now have the chance to change at will, is:
1. Simplex No 1

2. Simplex No 5 (the museum hosting the exhibition is very keen on this one)
3. Raymond Koessler's Simplex (only because of the story behind it and the letters etc with it; there's risk of over-Simplexing, but I do have more than 30 Simplexes!)
4. Tom Thumb (green)
5. Kamkap (aka Revere)
6. Lilliput
7. Junior (GSN)(cream with red lid)
8. Junior Dial (Marx)
9. Modern toy typewriter (Type Tronic?)
10. American Flyer
This list is far from settled, as I had been hoping to somehow squeeze in the grey Marxwriter, which is such a neat, cute little machine.
1 American Flyer
2 Barbie
3 Buddy L Easy-Writer 2500
4 Buddy L Easy-Writer 200
5 Buddy L Easy Writer 2600
6 Buddy L Easy-Writer Model 220
7 Imperial A
8 Junior GSN 1
9 Junior GSN 2
10 Junior Dial (Marx)
11 Kamkap (aka Revere)
12 Lilliput
13 Marx
14 Marxwriter 1
15 Marxwriter 2
16 Marxwriter 3
17 Marxwriter 4
18 Mehano Red
19 Montgomery Ward
20 My First
21 Petite Elite
22 Petite Europa
23 Petite Excel
24 Petite Super International 1
25 Petite Super International 2
26 Petite Super International 3
27 Petite Super Junior
28 Petite Talking Typewriter
29 Petite Typewriter
30 Sears Adventure
31 Simplex 1
32 Simplex 5
33 Simplex (Raymond Koessler)
34 Tom Thumb 1
35 Tom Thumb 2
36 Tom Thumb 3
37 Tom Thumb 4
38 Tom Thumb Feather Touch
39 Type Tronic
40 Unique Portable


Bill M said...

Tom thumb 3.
You have quite a selection of neat toys!

Scott K said...

Ten hey... Hmmm...

4 - Buddy L (Blue)
8 - Junior GSN 2
12 - Lilliput
17 - Marxwriter 4
18 - Mehano red
27 - Super petit Junior
35 - Tom Thumb
32 - Simplex 5
28 - Petit Talking.
11 - Kamkap

No particular order of preference there.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

My ten favorits are these:

1 American Flyer
6 Buddy L Easy-Writer Model 220
9 Junior GSN 2
11 Kamkap (aka Revere)
14 Marxwriter 1
19 Montgomery Ward
25 Petite Super International 2
33 Simplex (Raymond Koessler)
35 Tom Thumb 2
39 Type Tronic


maschinengeschrieben said...

Difficult. But placing the Sears Adventure next to a Valentine wouldn't be wrong.

Duffy Moon said...

Not really voting, but boy did I love looking through those! Those are all fantastic! Thanks for another great visual tour.

Rob Bowker said...

Coming back for a second go. Still can't make a choice. I'm weak. I hope the burden of curating doesn't weigh too heavily.

Richard P said...

These are great to look at! (Probably not to type with...)

My favorites:

Imperial A (a new one for me!)
Junior GSN 1
Junior Dial (Marx)
Kamkap (that finger rest key is a puzzler)
Petite Excel
Sears Adventure
Simplex 5
Simplex (Koessler)
Tom Thumb 2
Unique Portable (another new one to me, looks very Buck Rogers)

If I could add an eleventh and twelfth, they'd be the Barbie and American Flyer.

This is fun!

Rowan said...

I just had to put in my two cents, Robert :) I would STRONGLY argue that the Simplex 5 is a must (having already been photographed for the brochure!), and Raymond's Simplex has the loveliest story to go with it.

I also love the Petite Super International 2, although the colour could be influencing me there!