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Monday 12 January 2015

Italian Design at MoMA

Found this 2008 publication in a second-hand bookshop today (MoMA is the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan):
Also by Nizzoli:
Also by Sottsass:
Also by Bellini, who took over typewriter design from Sottsass:
Other choice designs:
 Cisitalia 202 GT car, 1946, by Pininfarina (Battista 'Pinin' Farina, 1893-1966)
There's even an Australian in this lot: Marc Newson (1963-), wood chair 1988


shordzi said...

Very nice. I didn't know about the lettera 22 also being part of the Moma collection.

Richard P said...

I love that Bellini video display terminal. Warp speed, Scotty!

Richard P said...

I should say Mr. Sulu.

Dennis Moore said...

I'd gladly have that Olivetti poster in my home. *Swoon*